February 7, 2017 GD Crocker

It’s a new day.

The Associate Deputy Director and chief operating officer of  BATFE, Ronald B. Turk, recently wrote a eleven page paper entitled “Options to Reduce or Modify Firearms Regulations.” In the paper, Turk states that restrictions on the importation of certain firearms into the United States may not serve their intended purposes. Restriction on imports is generally useless when the same items are available so long as they are manufactured in the United States. For example, Benelli shotguns have smaller magazine capacities than Remington or Mossberg, simply because they’re imported.

Turk also opines that “Silencers are very rarely used in criminal shootings,” and that “Given the lack of criminality associated with silencers, it is reasonable to conclude that they should not be viewed as a threat to public safety.”

Wow. The COO of the BATFE gets it.

Where are we now? No one really knows. However, it seems like the tide may be turning in favor of law-abiding gun owners.

Read Mr. Turk’s paper here:



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