January 25, 2017 GD Crocker

Silencerco’s Maxim 9

After the years of development, rumors and speculation, Silencerco’s integrally-suppressed Maxim 9 will be available this spring/summer. Virtually everything about this gun is intriguing. The overall look is futuristic, however Silencerco found the balance between awesome and utility. They thought of everything. The suppressor portion of the pistol can be disassembled for maintenance. Baffles can be removed as well in order to shorten the overall length. The decibel reduction is impressive, even with some of the baffles removed. Additionally, the pistol sports the ability to mount an optic and light, and accepts Glock magazines.

In a crowded market where every manufacturer claims their pistol is a “game-changer”, the Maxim 9 actually delivers. It does change the game. Only time will tell whether it exceeds the hype, whether more calibers emerge, whether the HPA passes, etc. But Silencerco is now deeply etched in the walls of firearm history.




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