February 20, 2017 PGTAdmin

The Genie is out of the Bottle…

The genie is out of the bottle. Or the horse is out of the barn. Either way, 3D printing is here to stay. The combination of 3D printing technology, firearms and kickback against the National Firearms Act (NFA) makes a reasonable person wonder why the NFA is, or ever was, necessary. Below is a link to an interesting article. Someone submitted an ATF Form 1, paid the tax, waited for approval and then 3D printed a .22 suppressor. From a legal standpoint, little has changed. All applicable laws must be followed in order to manufacture, possess and/or transfer a suppressor. From a manufacturing standpoint, the world changed, even if only slightly.

Of course, the suppressor is plastic and, yes, it’s a .22 suppressor, etc. However, the fact remains: a the capability to manufacture a fully functional suppressor is as simple as a 3D rendering, filament and the printer of your choice. The utility is easy to overlook if the focus is merely upon what the process lacks in that it’s still subject to a tax and a months-long wait time. However, it doesn’t take much imagination to see the benefit in legally manufacturing your own cans. More to follow.


3-D Printed .22LR Form 1 Suppressor

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