January 30, 2017 GD Crocker

Two Stamps


A suppressed Krink in 300 BLK


The other day, someone asked me if they needed two ATF Form 4’s if they purchased an short-barreled rifle (SBR) with a suppressor. The answer is yes. The SBR and suppressor are each considered a firearm under the NFA. Therefore, each requires a separate Form 4 to transfer. Even the upcoming integrally-suppressed SBRs manufactured by Daniel Defense and Sig will, as of now, require two tax stamps. Keep in mind the wait times for each approval may vary. Of course, if you’re manufacturing an SBR, you’d need to fill out an ATF Form 1 instead of the Form 4. There are a few blogs I follow where people feature suppressed SBRs every Tuesday, which has been labeled “Tax Stamp Tuesday” or “Two Stamp Tuesday”. In making a decision, don’t let the requirement for another stamp deter you. the added cost, paperwork and frustration shouldn’t keep you from what you want.

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